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Mushrooms: The Magic Food

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It has a positive impact on our health. Many mushrooms are rich in phytochemicals which fight disease. The risk of breast cancer is lower if mushrooms are consumed regularly. They also stop prostate cancer cells growing. They are rich in nutrients that are difficult to find. One medium-sized mushroom can provide 21 percent of the daily recommended intakes of selenium and one third of your copper needs. It also has the same amount of potassium as a medium sized banana. Oyster mushrooms can be a good source iron. Come and visit our website search it on soulpsybin you can learn more.

The nutrients of mushrooms can be preserved when they are stir-fried or grilled and microwaved. Adults consumed 1600 less kilojoules each day when minced beef was replaced with mushrooms in recipes like chilli con carne and lasagna.

Reduce cardiovascular disease through lower blood pressure and cholesterol. They lower insulin resistance which improves insulin sensitivity and blocks the growth of cancerous tumors. They enhance the immune system as well as lowering estrogen hormone’s toxic levels. They are anti-inflammatory. They are low-fat, calories, and sodium. They help reduce hormone-dependent breast Cancer. They are analgesics and anti-inflammatory. They fight infection, increase libido or combat allergies.

Mushrooms are a great source of potassium. This mineral lowers elevated blood pressure, and decreases the chance of stroke. One medium portabella mushroom contains more potassium that a banana or an orange juice glass. Additionally, one serving of mushrooms contains approximately 20 to 40% of the daily intake of copper, a mineral which has cardio-protective benefits. Mushrooms provide a good source of selenium, vitamin E, and riboflavin. Selenium, an antioxidant that works in conjunction with vitamin E, protects cells from the damaging effects caused by free radicals. Mushrooms can be found in between 80 and 90 percent water. They are also very low in calories (only 100 Cal/oz). They are very low in fat and sodium, with 8 to 10 per cent of the dry weight being fiber. They make a good choice for anyone following a weight-management program.